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STERILIZATION IS AN IMPORTANT ASPECT IN THE FIGHT AGAINST HEPATITIS Abstract from the text "Global Strategy of the Health Sector against Viral Hepatitis, 2016-2021" Published by © World Health Organization 2016

ASISTHOS RECERTIFICA ISO 9001:2015 23 de marzo del 2018, Por Dr. Gustavo Luis Enriquez, Director Técnico de Asisthos S.R.L

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Evaluation of the sterility maintenance of wet materials after steam sterilization and after 30 days of storage. (Source: Rev. Latino-Am. Enfermagem vol.18 no.4 Ribeirão Preto July / Aug. 2010).

The Cost of Package Integrity (Originally Published by MDDI in October 2005)

Reduction of bioburden in critical points througout the process. A fundamental step for the implementation of a HACCP process.

Optimization of packaging design for ethylene oxide sterilization. An ethylene oxide (EtO) sterilized medical device must be sealed in a carefully designed gas-permeable package that enables the EtO gas to enter...

Ethylene oxide sterilization: An introduction to the process. Ethylene oxide, or ethoxycyclopropane, is widely used in its pure state or in variable mixtures as a sterilizing agent at low temperatures.