Bio-decontamination of areas

For areas that require little or no microbial content

Bio-decontamination of critical areas utilizing vaporized hydrogen peroxide can be used in clean areas, operating rooms, controlled manufacturing sectors, or any type of sector, with all its usual equipment present, and which due to its functionality requires little or no microbial content.

Contamination detected in a facility used for a critical process often leads to a complete shutdown of operations in order to investigate and solve the deviation that was detected. Its impact is normally high and could have potential consequences for the image of the company or institution. At this time, bio-decontamination of areas is applied in the medical products, pharmaceutical, biotechnological, food and health institutions industries.

In order to kill bacteria, this service utilizes vaporized hydrogen peroxide action. This equipment catalyzes the decomposition of this agent in water and oxygen, once the bio-decontamination process has finished.


Dimensional and technical assessment of the area that will be treated.


Conditioning the area.


Vaporizing using the equipment’s multidirectional nozzles.


Contact time.


Catalytic aeration to quickly convert H2O2 to oxygen and water.


Providing supporting documentation on the process performed

Quick recovery

The process time for a medium-sized area is approximately 2 hours, and can be used immediately once it has finalized. The volume of hydrogen peroxide that will be vaporized and cycle time for said area is automatically calculated by the bio-decontamination unit based on the dimensions of the sector that will be treated, and it measures the relative humidity and temperature of the atmosphere. In addition, the system provides the opportunity to design different decontamination cycles in order to adapt to the different bioburden loads or types in the areas that will be treated

Clean technology from Europe

For this ‘in company’ service, we use validated equipment that does not generate waste and that meets GMP requirements, ensuring excellent compatibility with materials, even with electronic equipment.

Bio-decontamination parameters

Once the process finalizes, the results are printed to be checked and recorded. The decontamination level achieved meets a high level of microbial safety, reducing microbiobial content by 6 logarithmic orders.

Main advantages of the service:

  • Portable equipment.

  • Can be applied to large, medium and small surfaces.

  • High level biological decontamination (6 logarithmic orders in microbial populations).

  • Highly compatible with sensitive electronic equipment and other materials

  • Quick and effective process that does not generate waste, in harmony with the environment.