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Sterilization and decontamination for third parties

We are an Argentine company specialized in sterilizing and decontaminating products for third parties using systems that utilize Ethylene Oxide, Steam and Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma. Founded in 1992, our company offers a comprehensive services portfolio: technical support, fractionation and conditioning, consultancy, measuring ethylene oxide in the atmosphere, laboratory testing, designing and validating procedures intended to reduce or eliminate microbial content in material.

We are authorized by Argentina’s National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Devices (ANMAT) and the Buenos Aires Province Ministry of Public Health.

We are able to offer a “world class” service thanks to our ability to uphold four fundamental pillars:

State-of-the-art plant

We have the most modern sterilization plant in Argentina, with distinguishing construction characteristics.

Certified quality

We are the first company in Latin America to certify our plant under international quality management and sterilization standards.

Validated equipment

Our equipment’s state-of-the-art technology records all parameters intrinsic to the sterilization cycle. The automation of autoclaves allows for repetition and reliability of the different cycles, and identifies the operators in charge and their performance. Validation is conducted according to International Standards ISO 17665-1:2006, ISO 11135:2015 and ISO 14937:2009.

Highly trained staff

Our team combines knowledge and experience when performing each technical, operational and administrative task. Our annual training agenda helps us be at the forefront in matters such as Good Manufacturing Practices, as well as sterilizing, treating and packaging materials.


To provide third parties with sterilization and decontamination solutions, ensuring process quality in accordance with the requirements of international standards, complying with established commercial terms and committing to each task entrusted to us, respecting the environment and maintaining an ethical relationship with our community, generating added value for our shareholders, customers, employees and providers.


To be the leading and ever-growing company in sterilization and decontamination solutions for third parties, recognized for the high quality of our services, short delivery times and dedicated corporate responsibility, preserving environmental and cultural resources for future generations.